6 Most effective ways to improve your SEO for 2023


5 Most effective ways to improve your SEO for 2023

1. Focus on the User Experience

According to the latest Google ranking update Core Web Vitals published in June 2021. Usually, Google’s main updates are related to content. However, this time it’s all about the user experience also known as (UX).

Core Web Vitals are the page experience signals that measure the UX for your website by looking into 3 main things:
  • the website’s loading speed;
  • sustainability;
  • attractiveness and responsibility. 
Why there is a need for that?

It is because Google’s only goal is to deliver its viewer the best experience and engagement across various devices. In fact, mobile signals are the most important with Google’s switch to 100% mobile-first indexing in March 2021 which tells us that Google is always focusing on its users. Creating user-friendly content which attracts user and helps them with their problem can help you to improve you SEO.


  1. Use Internal Linking

As we just stated the importance of internal and external links. We just used one link!

Internal links help to link different pages within your website using related keywords. It can be a golden opportunity for SEO because, normally, traffic isn’t distributed across all pages, leaving vast pages unchecked.

For example, Spencer Haws (SEO Expert) did an experiment on his website in order to understand how internal links can benefit rankings. After adding internal links to 47 articles without updating any content, 76.5% of the posts saw improvement in Google. Impressive, right?

Using internal links gives Google a chance for understanding context through anchored text (clickable text in a hyperlink) and tells the value of the page.

TIP! It can also be a nice idea to use the ‘Related Article’ to showcase one of your articles.

However, according to Google’s Expert John Mueller, doing too much internal linking on every page can also be harmful. Because if you cross-link every page, search engines can never understand the site’s structure and the relevance of one page to another. And this could lead to a negative impact on your website.

  1. Focus on Entity-Based SEO 
What is entity-based SEO?

Entity-based SEO is a  context-based word or a term that can be used to tell your niche context-wise in order rather than randomly. Entity-based SEO targets significant topics and concepts that allow search engines to provide accurate results immediately with less error.

Some keywords and phrases have many meanings. Look at the example below. The word “Capri” refers to a famous island in Italy, “Capri Sun”, is a drinking juice, a style of pants, and more!

So, how to get the best audience for your work?

Well, search engines are advanced with accurate and fast search functionality and can understand the meaning of the users’ queries. Which helps users a lot.

To assist Google in best understanding your page, you need to include the word relevant to your work only. It also not harmful to have it in the meta title or inside the title tag. Which helps google exactly what you are searching for and take you to your given niche.

This is also where internal links and domain authority come in, as you want Google to add you to the high E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) knowledge graphs.


  1. Recreate Blog Posts as Videos

Video is the most liked way among the user to consume content. So, converting your blog post into a video gives you a better chance to reach a bigger audience. And it helps the user to understand your content more accurately. So it is always advised to upload a video related to you niche to help the user.

A study reveals that publishers using video content on their websites see 51% more traffic from searches than those relying on written content only. Moreover, video is also responsible for a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERP. If you need help restructuring or rephrasing your content, you can try to convert it into a new script or use an AI tool to reformat your existing content. Which will make your content more visible to the user. So giving a video introduction about your content helps you rank higher and faster than the majority of your competitors.

Another thing is to perform YouTube SEO which is totally different from Google SEO. On YouTube, your video needs to get maximum visibility on the first given day in order to rank as high as possible, But on Google– an article can appear in the first position even after months. So YouTube Seo is very different from Google SEO.

tip: Look on the most popular freelance sites, and you’ll find no shortage of candidates to help get this work done for an affordable price And help you with the SEO work of your website.


  1. Get on Google Discover

Google Discover is a personalized AI-driven mobile news feed created by Google. It’s a type of query-less search with topics that resonate with users’ interests and previous search behavior. So the next time you search for something related you get accurate and exact results.

Discover feed initiates visitors’ engagement with the content. thus, if they like your content, the chances you’ll appear in their feed again are pretty much high.

However, Google Discover doesn’t apply equally well to all websites. According to the analysis of 12,000+ URLs, news websites received 99% of all clicks. Websites that fall into one of the following categories have also shown strong results:

  • Sports & Entairnaiment
  • E-Commerce
  • Hobbies & Activities

To appear on Google Discover, credible, attractive content is necessary.

Another tip to get more traffic from Google Discover is to add a Maximum Image Preview meta tag, which essentially tells Google to display your article with a large image and helps you to attract more attention of the user.

Note: Discover content usually generates traffic only within the first 72 hours, which means this tip should be applied instantly so you can get the best result out of this.

6. Update Old Content

It’s essential to keep the content as updated and fresh as possible. This is because search engines prioritize the most relevant (and recent) content for users. So it is necessary to update content regularly in order to see best result. And to check for alterations in the current content. Which will make your visibility more seen in the crowd.



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